Garbage E Loader Electric Rickshaw

Garbage E Loader

Garbage E Loader

Supertech Garbage E-Loader, the game-changer in waste management. With its electric-powered design, it offers a cleaner and greener solution for garbage collection. Experience efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility with Supertech Garbage E-Loader.


Seating Capacity 1 (Driver)
Motor | Controller BLDC 1000 kw (Max. Power) | 55amp
Battery ICAT Approved LA Batteries 12Vx4, 130A
Charger 15 Amp, SMPS, Auto Cut Indian Charger
Differential Heavy, Single Length
Lamps ICAT Approved Indian Lamps
Wiring Harness Heavy Duty Copper Wiring Harness
Suspension F:Telescopic Shockers, R:Leaf Spring
Speedometer Indian, Analog with battery indication
Windshield | Wiper Yes | Optional
Loading Cargo Size 1250mm (L) x 900mm (W) x825mm (H)
Carrying Capacity 350 to 500 kgs.
Garbage Container Two Containers : Green & Blue / Full SS
Unloading System Hydraulic Dumping System
Chassis & Body Heavy Duty CRCA Tube / Sheet Metal / SS
Tyre ICAT Approved & BIS Marked 3.75-12
Accessories Stepney, Curtain Set, Tool Kit & Mat


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Garbage E Loader : Pioneering Sustainable Urban Cleanup

Welcome to Supertech EV, your trusted partner in eco-friendly transportation solutions. We take immense pride in presenting our Garbage E Loader, a revolutionary electric vehicle designed to transform the way urban cleanup is conducted. As a premier battery rickshaw manufacturer and electric rickshaw supplier, we are committed to crafting a greener, cleaner, and more efficient tomorrow.

Why Choose Supertech EV's Garbage E Loader?

  1. Green Cleanup : Our Garbage E Loader operates on electric power, eliminating harmful emissions and contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment for all.
  2. Cost-Efficient : With rising fuel costs, our electric-powered solution ensures cost savings for waste management, benefiting both municipalities and private operators.
  3. High Performance : Engineered for exceptional performance, our Garbage E Loader handles various waste types with ease, ensuring efficient collection and disposal.
  4. Customizable Solutions : Tailor your Garbage E Loader to meet specific requirements, whether it's the capacity, design, or features, to enhance functionality and match your needs.
  5. Committed Support : Supertech EV offers dedicated customer support, assisting you in choosing, operating, and maintaining your Garbage E Loader.

Why Supertech EV?

Supertech EV leads the way in sustainable innovation, advanced technology e rickshaw manufacturers with a deep understanding of industry needs. With our Garbage E Loader, we strive to revolutionize waste management while promoting cleaner cities and better living. Join us in embracing a future of eco-friendly urban cleanup. Contact Supertech EV today and contribute to a cleaner world for generations to come.

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