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Motor BLDC Hub Motor
Controller 12 Tube
Speed Economy - 25
Charger Specifications Micro Charge With Auto Cut System
Range/Charge 80 km to 100 km
Charging Time 6 to 7 Hours
Climbing 7 Degree
Front Suspension Front - Telescopic
Brake System Front Disc & Rear Drum
Rear Suspension Double Shocker
Seat Height 774 mm
Ground Clearance 170 mm
Dimension {LxWxH} 1970x745x1150
Key Feature Central Locking and Front & Reverses motion
Loading Capacity 150 K.g
Head Light LED with DRL
Tyre 90-90-12
Rear-90-100-10 Tubeless Tyre Back Light Unique Design with LED
Speedometer Digital
Wheel Stylish Aluminum Alloy Wheel
Battery Lead Acid/Lithium lon
Storage Glove Box


Top E Scooter Manufacturer : Supertech EV

Welcome to Supertech EV, your gateway to a world of innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled electric mobility. As one of the top e-scooter manufacturers in the industry, we're reshaping the way you perceive urban transportation.

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At Supertech EV, we're not just creating e-scooters; we're engineering a revolution. Here's why we're a cut above the rest:

  • Cutting-Edge Design : Our e-scooters merge style with substance. With futuristic designs and meticulous attention to detail, we redefine urban commuting.
  • Efficiency Redefined : Experience the thrill of powerful yet eco-conscious rides. Our e-scooters are designed to give you a dynamic and efficient journey, all while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Budget-Friendly Cruising : Say goodbye to fuel expenses and hello to cost-effective commuting. Our e-scooters offer a pocket-friendly solution that doesn't compromise on performance.
  • Seamless Maintenance : Embrace hassle-free ownership with our low-maintenance e-scooters. Enjoy peace of mind as you navigate the city streets effortlessly.
  • Sustainability at Heart : By choosing Supertech EV, you're embracing a greener way to travel. Join us in championing a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Choose Supertech EV: Transforming Commutes, Empowering Lives:

Our e-scooters aren't just vehicles; they're a statement. With Supertech EV, you're not just riding – you're pioneering change. Explore our range of e-scooters and experience the thrill of eco-friendly urban mobility.
Step into the future with Supertech EV. Browse our exceptional range of e-scooters and be a part of the movement towards greener and smarter transportation.
Supertech EV: Where Every Ride Ignites Transformation. Join the journey today!

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