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Introducing Load King, the ultimate e-loader for efficient and sustainable transportation. Experience unmatched power, precision, and eco-friendliness in one revolutionary package. Say goodbye to emissions and hello to a new era of electric loading with Load King.


Loading Capacity 310 Kgs. + 1(Driver)
Motor | Controller BLDC 1000 kw (Max. Power) | 55amp
Battery ICAT Approved LA Batteries 12Vx4, 130A
Charger 15 Amp, SMPS, Auto Cut Indian
Differential ChargerHeavy, Single Length
Lamps CAT Approved Indian Lamps
Wiring Harness Heavy Duty Copper Wiring Harness
Suspension F:Telescopic Shockers, R:Leaf Spring
Speedometer Indian, Analog with battery indication
Windshield | Wiper Yes | Optional
Loading Space 1255mm (L) x 900mm (W) x 430mm (H)
Paint Superior Quality Metallic Paint
Roof Top Best Quality Iron Roof
Hydraulic Lifter Optional
Chassis & Body Heavy Duty CRCA Tube / Sheet Metal
Tyre ICAT Approved & BIS Marked 3.75-12
Accessories Stepney, Curtain Set, Tool Kit & Mat
Color Red, Green, Blue, White, Gray


Cargo E (Electric) Rickshaw Manufacturer

Welcome to Supertech EV's E-Loader : Redefining Cargo Transportation

Discover a new era of efficient cargo transportation with Supertech EV's E-Loader. As a pioneering cargo e-rickshaw manufacturer, we're dedicated to revolutionizing the way goods are transported in urban areas. Our E-Loader is designed to provide a sustainable, cost-effective, and versatile solution for all your cargo needs.

Why Choose Supertech EV's E-Loader?

  1. Sustainable Hauling : Embrace eco-friendly transportation with our electric cargo e-rickshaws. Minimize carbon emissions and contribute to cleaner cities.
  2. Economical Solution : With escalating fuel costs, our E-Loader offers a budget-friendly alternative for efficient cargo delivery, benefiting businesses and the environment.
  3. Exceptional Performance : Engineered for reliability and performance, our E-Loader ensures seamless cargo transportation with minimal maintenance requirements.
  4. Tailored to Your Needs : Choose from a range of E-Loader models, customizable for capacity, design, and features, ensuring they perfectly match your cargo requirements.
  5. Customer-Centric Support : Supertech EV is committed to your satisfaction. Our customer support assists you in every step, from selection to ongoing service.

Why Supertech EV?

Supertech EV stands at the forefront of cargo e-rickshaw manufacturing, blending innovation and quality craftsmanship. Our E-Loader is a testament to our commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. Join us in reshaping cargo transportation for a greener and more efficient future. Contact Supertech EV today and explore the potential of electric cargo hauling.

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