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About Supertech EV Ltd.

Supertech EV Ltd - led by Mr. YETENDER SHARMA and Mr. Vaibhav Singh is a renowned private sector company specializing in sheet metal and tubular parts. Established in 2010, they have state-of-the-art equipment and a capacity of 36,000 sets per year for manufacturing electric vehicle components. Their focus is on innovative, smart electric vehicles, certified by the International Centre for Automotive Technology "Pilot," and they handle the entire production process, from manufacturing to distribution. Supertech EV Ltd. is committed to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and delivering exceptional products.

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Supertech EV Ltd. aims to produce affordable hybrid and electric vehicles. We utilize task groups to conduct market studies, assessments, and comparative evaluations of technologies. By opening stores across India, we provide reliable information on hybrid and electric vehicles to our dealers. Our goal is to make electronic vehicles accessible to all.

Supertech EV Ltd. is uniquely dedicated to becoming a leader in sustainable transportation. We prioritize renewable energy, zero-emissions vehicles, and improving air quality. Additionally, our initiatives aim to generate employment and contribute to economic growth.

Supertech EV Ltd. differentiates itself by implementing continuous improvement, innovation, and the latest technology for enhanced productivity and quality. We prioritize efficient delivery and ensure a safe work environment while investing in the development of our human resources through effective training.

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