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Pilot S-Dlx

Supertech Pilot S DLX Model E Rickshaw, setting a new standard in electric rickshaw innovation. Experience enhanced performance, exceptional comfort, and cutting-edge features in this stylish and efficient ride. Get ready to embark on a smooth and eco-friendly journey with the Supertech Pilot S DLX Model E Rickshaw.


Seating Capacity 4 (Passengers) + 1 (Driver)
Motor | Controller BLDC 1000 kw (Max. Power) | 55amp
Battery ICAT Approved LA Batteries 12Vx4, 130A
Charger 15 Amp, SMPS, Auto Cut Indian Charger
Differential Heavy, Single Length
Lamps ICAT Approved Indian Lamps
Wiring Harness Heavy Duty Copper Wiring Harness
Suspension F:Telescopic Shockers, R:Leaf Spring
Speedometer Indian, Analog with battery indication
Windshield | Wiper Yes | Optional
Music System FM/MP4 Player
Paint Superior Quality Metallic Paint
Roof Top Best Quality Iron Roof
Seats Best Quality PU Foam Seats
Chassis & Body Heavy Duty CRCA Tube / Sheet Metal
Tyre ICAT Approved & BIS Marked 3.75-12
Accessories Stepney, Curtain Set, Tool Kit & Mat


Electric Rickshaw Manufacturer - Supertech EV : Pioneering Sustainable Urban Mobility

Supertech EV proudly stands as a prominent eco-friendly electric rickshaw manufacturer in India and has delivered high-quality e-vehicle rickshaws with dependable and efficient solutions as per industrial demand. We were established in 2010 with a capacity of 36,000 sets per year for manufacturing electric vehicle components. We offer a wide range of electric vehicles in the Rickshaw industry according to Indian roads. Our all electric rickshaw modals are designed by a professional experience team using high-quality materials and are cost-competitive. All the electric rickshaws tested according to the Indian government Parameters, more profitable and world-class features.

We are leading top e rickshaw manufacturersin India which dominate the Indian roads. Manufactured in state of the art facility, the e-rickshaws offer reliable performance. Our contemporary design and use of right material make us the cost competitive option in market today. Unlike our competitors, we do regular testing of our products which delivers complete customer experience.

Why Choose Supertech EV as Your Electric Rickshaw Manufacturer?

Supertech EV is the preferred choice among E Rickshaw Manufacturers for several compelling reasons:

  • Innovative Designs : Our electric rickshaws excel in both form and function. Prioritizing user-centric features and thoughtful design, we redefine the electric rickshaw experience, blending style and efficiency seamlessly.
  • Eco-Friendly Performance : At Supertech EV, we champion environmental responsibility. E-rickshaws help the environment. They emit no smoke since they don't utilize fuel or diesel. Thus, E Rickshaw riders assist in clearing the air!
  • Cost-Effective Mobility : We are committed to making daily commutes economical. E Rickshaw rides are cheap. This helps families budget trips and save pocket money.
  • Silent and Smooth: These rickshaws are silent. Everyone who dislikes noisy automobiles and buses should rejoice. Plus, they ride smoothly. No more rough rides!
  • Reliability and Low Maintenance : Supertech EV believes in hassle-free travel. Our electric rickshaws are built for durability and require minimal maintenance, guaranteeing uninterrupted and reliable transportation.

The Role of an E Rickshaw Manufacturer

Electric Rickshaw Manufacturer are the heroes behind these fascinating vehicles. These firms provide vital duties. Design and construct E Rickshaws. They make these rickshaws safe, comfortable, and exciting. They improve them so we can have cooler E Rickshaws in the future!

Choose Supertech EV: Shaping Sustainable Urban Mobility

At Supertech EV, we don't just manufacture electric rickshaws; we engineer change. Every journey in our electric rickshaws represents more than just transportation; it signifies a significant step toward a cleaner, greener, and more efficient future.
Explore our diverse range of battery rickshaw manufacturer and become part of the movement toward eco-friendly urban transportation. Partner with Supertech EV to contribute to creating a better-connected and sustainable tomorrow.

Supertech EV: Leading the E Rickshaw Revolution

Supertech EV is like E Rickshaws' superheroes. High-quality, sturdy, and elegant E Rickshaws are their specialty. What distinguishes them?

  • Quality:-They make every E Rickshaw component perfect. You receive a durable, trustworthy automobile.
  • Design:-Their E Rickshaws go beyond appearance. These cars are incredibly comfy for drivers and passengers.
  • Innovation:-Supertech EV is continually innovating. E Rickshaws become more relaxed and more helpful as they have more functions.
  • Customer Service:-They value customers. They welcome criticism and assistance whenever needed.

Supertech EV: Empowering Indian electric vehicles Communities!

When you're looking for a trusted electric rickshaw manufacturer, Supertech EV offers a reliable and eco-conscious solution for urban mobility. Join us in redefining transportation for a better, more sustainable future.

E-rickshaws are the future of city mobility, not a gimmick. We need smart transportation as cities grow increasingly populated. This suits E Rickshaws. It is suitable for the environment, simple to drive on crowded streets, and enjoyable for everyone.

Supertech EV is leading the way in this exciting adventure, so if you want to purchase one or create a company with them, place them!

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