Why Choose Supertech EV as a Electric rickshaw suppliers and Electric rickshaw manufacturer in India?

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Supertech EV is one of India's leading electric rickshaw suppliers. We specialise in providing high-quality battery-powered e rickshaws that are compatible with Indian environmental and economic circumstances. We rely on high-quality basic components like motors, controllers, shock absorbers, analogue metres, accelerators, handles, and many more large and tiny parts from reputable vendors which contribute to a fantastic ride with exceptional speed.

Why Choose Supertech EV- E Rikshaw Suppliers?

Cutting-edge Technology: Supertech EV embraces the latest advancements in electric vehicle technology for superior performance and efficiency.

Sustainable Mobility: Our electric rickshaws contribute to a cleaner and greener future, reducing your carbon footprint without compromising reliability.

Robust Build Quality: Engineered to endure daily commuting rigors, our e rickshaws are designed for durability across diverse terrains and weather conditions.

Cost-effective Operations: Experience substantial cost savings with energy-efficient e rickshaws, including reduced fuel expenses, lower maintenance costs, and government incentives.

Customization Options:Tailor your e rickshaw to your specific requirements, choosing features that align with your business needs, such as seating capacity, battery capacity, or design elements.

Nationwide Service Network: Benefit from our extensive service network, ensuring prompt assistance and maintenance wherever you are.

Customer-Centric Approach: Customer satisfaction is our priority at Supertech EV, with a dedicated support team ready to address queries and provide timely assistance.

Choose Prime Quality, Choose Sustainability - Ride with Pride in our E Rikshaws

Embrace innovation, sustainability, and efficiency with Supertech EV. As reputed Electric rickshaw suppliers , we manufacture a broad range of rickshaw models such as Garbage E-Loader, e-loader, Pilot DLX Model, and Pilot S DLX Model adhering to industrial strategies.

Our in-house manufacturing and management facility enables us to sketch, design, and Electric rickshaw manufacturer products that fulfil vehicle up-gradation and customer needs. Rigorous testing under the toughest conditions ensures unmatched product performance.

Reach out to our Supertech EV the premier electric rikshaw supplier for future-forward, reliable, and cost-effective e rickshaw solution.